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Friday, September 23, 2016

Student Organization of the Month: Students in International Business (SIB)

Get to know Hannah Kuse, the president of SIB and her organization. Students in International Business (SIB) is a student organization at Texas State University that welcomes students of all majors. The mission of SIB is to connect students to international business experience and assist them in their path to a career and leadership positions within the field of international business. The purpose of SIB is to increase student awareness about international business, create a forum for discussing international business issues, provide opportunities for students to interact with international business professionals, and prepare students for career and leadership positions in international business.

Q: Give us a brief summary of your organization:

Students in International Business (SIB) is a student organization at Texas State University that welcomes students of all majors. We strive to provide resources for students to not only learn about international business, but network and gain valuable hands on experience with various projects and competitions. We meet every other Tuesday at 5 pm in McCoy 105. 

Q: How has your organization helped you grow as a student and future professional?
SIB has helped me grow as a student by challenging me to independently learn about international business. I have also learned to better balance my work, school, and social life. It has also allowed me to build my professional network through events we hold, speakers at our meetings, and the work we do with the international nonprofit Sights Unseen.

Q: What makes your organization special/unique? 
SIB is unique in that the opportunities we have for students are not only local but global in scope. Sights Unseen is a nonprofit started by Texas State alumni Kelly Broome which manufactures and distributes glasses to people in developing countries. Our work with Sights Unseen allows students to directly engage with international business people and work with a team on a proposal to USAID. This proposal is for a grant to help underprivileged people in Guatemala receive glasses called Adspecs which will help communities overcome the limitations poor eyesight can create.

Q: What is something you wish someone would’ve told you before you started your college journey?
Before starting my college journey I wish I had known to get involved on campus early on. Meeting new people, building your professional resume, and making new friends is so much easier when you join organizations your freshman year.

Q: How can students join your organization?
Joining SIB is as easy as coming to one of our meetings, held every other Tuesday at 5 pm in McCoy 105, and paying the $25 yearly fee. A t-shirt is included with this fee. 
 Facebook page: Facebook.com/txstsib
Twitter & Instagram: @TXSTSIB

Friday, September 16, 2016

Entrepreneurial Studies Speakers - Ms. Tiffany Yeates

Ms. Tiffany Yeates
Owner, Gruene Outfitters
In 2000, Tiffany Fluitt Yeates began working at Gruene Outfitters, a successful retail store, in New Braunfels, while in school at the McCoy College of Business, Texas State University. As an avid fisherperson, she quickly caught on to fly-fishing, and fell in love with the sport and the retail business. After graduating, she stayed on and ran the shop until the winter of 2006, when she purchased the store from Ray Box.
Gruene Outfitters has been in business since 1989. The store serves the pubic with outdoor soft goods, casual and comfortable clothing and accessories, as well as fly-fishing gear and instruction. The store promotes outdoor activities and is a vital part of the historic district of Gruene.
Tiffany has a passion for her job and makes it her duty to research and buy the correct products for the store, keep the place running smoothly and efficiently and maintain enthusiasm and motivation. She has implemented many changes in the store, including the addition of footwear and women’s clothing, an expanded fly shop and many secretarial changes as well.
Tiffany is a fly-casting instructor and U.S. Coast Guard certified Captain. She is an area representative for the Guadalupe River Chapter of Trout Unlimited and volunteers time to promote the growth of fly-fishing. An avid fly-fisher, she hosts trips to Mexico and the Bahamas and spends free-time fishing along the Texas coast.

Tuesday, September 20
9:30 am
McCoy Hall 119

Friday, September 9, 2016

Policy of the Month: Probation

Policy of the Month:

Please note this information applies to students who have been admitted to McCoy College. Non-business majors should refer to the college of their declared major for probation information.

McCoy College students whose Texas State GPA falls below 2.0 are placed on academic probation by Texas State and are also placed on restricted status by McCoy College.  The catalog states that Academic probation is “an emphatic warning that the quality of the student’s work has not met Texas State’s minimum academic standards and that the quality must improve during the probationary semester in order for the student to continue at Texas State.”  Students must familiarize themselves with the Texas State and McCoy College policy as they must comply with those requirements in order to remain at the University and in McCoy College.

McCoy College Policy
Students placed on restricted status with McCoy College must increase their Texas State GPA to at least 2.0 in the subsequent semester or their admission to McCoy College will be voided.  A student whose admission is voided may regain admission to the College by going through the application process and competing with other applicants for openings.  Business Students with a Texas State GPA below a 2.0 are also subject to the University academic probation and suspension policies.

Texas State Policy
Students placed on academic probation are given two probationary semesters (fall and spring) to raise their Texas State GPA to a 2.0. If the Texas State GPA is still less than 2.00 at the end of the second probationary semester, the student will be placed on first academic suspension. Both the academic probation and suspension policies can be found in the 2014-2016 Undergraduate Catalog on page 34.

Please take note of the following conditions affecting business students’ course schedules on probation and restricted status:

  • Students with an overall GPA of less than 2.0 are not eligible to enroll in “new” (not previously taken) upper-division (3000-4000) business courses.
  • With permission, a student with an overall GPA of less than 2.0 may repeat no more than six hours of upper-division (3000-4000) business courses. 
  • Students not yet admitted to the McCoy College of Business are not eligible to repeat upper-division business courses until they regain admission to McCoy College

Friday, September 2, 2016

Faculty-Led Study Abroad Programs - Summer 2017

Interested in studying abroad in summer 2017? Czech out these flyers for our faculty-led programs in Barcelona and Prague!

Thursday, August 4, 2016

Career Services Events Calendar for Fall 2016 Semester

Make sure to save the dates on your calendar so you don't miss out on these great events